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About Me

Hello, I am Vanessa. Simply put, I’m a level-headed, friendly, and driven to help business owners.


 I am different to a business mentor, business advisor or a business consultant. I can be your outside perspective, giving you the business clarity you need. I will help you put a solution in place and support you with the implementation giving you practical hands-on help to ensure it is working for you, your business, and your team. 

Based in Cambridgeshire, I am the face behind Roboris Solutions. I have extensive and in-depth experience, having worked with many businesses across a range of industries, over 35 years. My varied experience and organised approach to getting the job done, and passion for supporting business owners and entrepreneurs, makes me the ideal person to help you build and grow your business.

During my career, I have successfully led diverse teams of people across several departments in a variety of industry sectors from retail, property and health & safety to business development, sales and marketing and production.

Hi, I'm Vanessa

I have a love for developing and managing marketing strategies and working with a team to implement them. I really enjoy brainstorming and getting people to think for themselves and be responsible for what they are doing. I also like working with people to find solutions and help solve problems.

Collaboration and working together is intrinsic to a successful business. Most of all, I believe in providing the very best customer service; a positive customer journey can elevate your business amongst your competitors.

Writing in a Notebook

I launched Roboris Solutions because I was ready to be in control of my own destiny – much like you I imagine. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping others reach their potential. I do not just give the actions and leave the business owner to implement them like a business consultant would. I hold your hand through each recommendation and support you from beginning to end, becoming part of your team to ensure success.


If that sounds like something your business could do with, come, and give me a call today.